Sunday Sing-along: In Summer

You’d think that we, as an American culture accustomed to claymation and animation, might be a tad tuckered out from singing and talking snowmen.  Think Sam the Snowman from Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, every smiling and happy snow person you’ve seen on Christmas mugs, place mats, and sweaters.  You’ve seen one singing, talking, smiling snowman, you’ve seen them all, right?  Apparently not!

Olaf, the little optimistic snowman from Frozen, is a snowman that I haven’t seen the likes of before.  I like Sam, I like Frosty, but I adore Olaf.  Olaf may be small, but he does possess some big personality traits  – big positive outlook, big loving heart (he does like warm hugs, you know), big singing voice (see below sing-along).  In fact, we could all probably learn a few things from Olaf…like some people are worth melting for.  D’aw!

Sam, Frosty, and our other snowman friends possess some of these – as well as other – traits too and if given the opportunity, I wouldn’t mind chilling with them (baha, pun totally intended)!  But what makes Olaf different?  I wouldn’t mind meeting the others.  But I want to be Olaf’s best friend.

So sing along, enjoy, and take a little bit of summer into your Monday.


Sunday Sing-along: Colors of the Wind

Do we all remember this one?  I know I certainly do!  Welcome to my first post in a fun series I’m calling Sunday Sing-alongs, in tribute to vague memories of an actual VHS series of Disney Sing-alongs that I used to well, sing along to.

This song is a Disney staple.  What a gorgeous reminder that we shouldn’t judge others, that we should love Mother Earth, and that beauty is everywhere.  And, of course, the historical significance blows me away.  This song may have debuted in 1995 with the Pocahontas movie, but it captures an ancient Native American spiritualism.  If only people really did burst into song at random moments in real life – what the Virginia Company settlers could have learned in the seventeenth century!

Sing along, enjoy, and paint your Monday with the colors of the wind.