Sunday Sing-along: A Whole New World

Let’s tone it down a bit for this Sunday Sing-along.  Honestly, I had forgotten about this song until I heard it at the grocery store today.  Not the most romantic atmosphere, but the atmosphere directly responsible for bring you this glorious duet from 1992’s Aladdin.

If anything could describe this moment in Disney history, the totally appropriate word would be wonderful.  Is there really any better date idea than to board a flying carpet with your significant other and sore through the night sky past historic landmarks, skimming over a clear, reflective lake, and stopping only to pet a wild pony?  Perfection.  If anyone ever has the privilege to spend an evening like this, they must let us know.

And did anyone else never notice when they were a kid how very big and expressive Aladdin’s eyes are and how very sweetly sincere Jasmine is?  Classic Disney magic.

So sing along, enjoy, and experience a whole new world in your Monday!


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